Central Alberta Investment Opportunities


We provide both investors and local businesses with access to opportunities. Not only can we provide investors and site selectors streamlined access to our entire Central Alberta region, Access Prosperity also works with Central Alberta businesses to help them grow and enter new markets. We are your link to doing business internationally.

Please check back often for new investment opportunities.

Current Opportunities
Past Opportunities

Seoul Food Show Trade Mission, May 20-24

Business Inquiry Opportunity 2019.02

Project Portfolio Opportunity 2018.11

Project Portfolio Opportunity 2018.05

Business Inquiry Opportunity 2016 10

Business Inquiry Opportunity 2016.04.25

Business Inquiry Opportunity 2016.04.05

Opportunity Blast 2015.09.20 Incoming Fujian Mission

Economic Development Opportunity – Canola Crushing Plant – May 2015

Economic Development Opportunity – Canola Crushing Plant – April 2015

Investment Opportunity Feb 6 2015

Business Investment Opportunity Feb 11 2014

Asian Dev Bank Business Opportunities Fair – January 2014

ZTR Opportunity Blast

Trade Mission to Missouri 2013

PSLO Water and Sanitation Mission June 2013 – Agenda Registration

Opportunity to Attend the Bakken Oil Product Service Show 2013

Environmental Mission Opportunity (May 1, 2013)

business_expansion_opportunity_charbon 2013

Business Inquiry Opportunity Jovo Feb 19 2013

Business Inquiry Opportunity Dec 6 2013

Business Expansion Opportunity-Enterprise Saint John-New Brunswick Mission March 7 2013

Business Expansion Opportunity-Enterprise Ireland 2013

Business Expansion Opportunity GADDESS May 29 2013

Business Expansion Opportunity Eltomation Feb 11 2013

Business Expansion Opportunity DMT Feb 12 2013

Business Expansion Opportunity Bronswerk Feb 22 2013

Business Connection Opportunity Philippines Delegation April 16 2013

Business Expansion Opportunity RFI May 2012

Business Expansion Opportunity RFI June 11 2012

Business Expansion Opportunity RFI June 7 2012

Business Expansion Opportunity RFI June 1 2012

Business Expansion Opportunity RFI July 18 2012




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