Agriculture & Agri-Foods

Alberta has one of the world’s most productive agricultural economies, with a total farm area of 50.5 million acres or 20.4 million hectares used for crop and livestock production.

Central Alberta is the province’s second-largest agricultural region.

Central Alberta offers the most competitive operating environment for this industry in all of Western Canada; with an over 3% operating cost advantage compared to the U.S.

Located to Grow

Central Alberta’s agri-business sector includes livestock, plant, food processing, natural health products and biofuels. Because of our access to low-cost supplies, fertile black soil and favourable climate conditions, we are a thriving centre for agricultural processing with tremendous growth opportunities.

In addition to a long history of agriculture in the region and our rich arable land, we also offer attractive incentive programs for agri-food businesses and the most competitive operating environment for this industry in all of Western Canada – with an over 3% operating cost advantage to the U.S.

Processing Operations

We are home to over 300 agricultural processors and almost one-third of the province’s feed manufacturers.

There are over 20 meat processing facilities – including the largest pork processing facility in the province and Alberta’s only federally inspected processing facility for lamb – and 3 major agri-food research centres in the region. Local facilities produce and distribute: malting and brewing supplies, ethanol and bio-fuel, premium livestock and pet feed, and premium meats developed exclusively to international preferences.

Major Employers in Agriculture and Agri-Foods

Key Facts

Central Alberta produces over 24% of Alberta’s barley
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Over 41% of all dairy cows are located in Central Alberta
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International exports for agri-food products increased 14% from 2011
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