Investing in Central Alberta



Set conveniently between Alberta’s two largest cities, Edmonton and Calgary, Central Alberta is nestled in rolling hills that are home to oil, grain, and cattle production. Because of our large and vibrant market, we are one of the most competitive economic corridors in the world. Across every industry, companies of all sizes find success in Central Alberta. Opportunity lives here, and investing in Central Alberta can put your company at the center of it all.

Investing in Central Alberta


The Alberta government predicts there will be demand for more than $200 billion of new construction and maintenance spending over the next 25 years, creating tremendous opportunity for our manufacturing sector.

Agriculture & Agri-Foods

Low-cost supplies, fertile black soil, and favourable climate conditions make Central Alberta great for agriculture business opportunities.

Oil & Gas

Alberta has the third largest petroleum reserves in the world, after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.


Central Alberta is home to a cluster of more than 35 chemical and petrochemical manufacturers, including the world’s largest ethylene production facility.


Central Alberta is at the crossroads of major air, rail and ground transportation routes, making it easy to ship goods and purchase supplies.

Local Data

Alberta consistently has the highest investment per capita among provinces. In 2014, Alberta’s investment per capita was $22,340, more than triple the Canadian average of $7,453 per capita.

Process & Regulations

We know it’s complicated to expand or start a new business. We can help, and our services are complimentary!

Economic Advantages

Central Alberta has a distribution capability of approximately 2.5 million people within a two hour drive, allowing you to compete on a regional and global scale.

Success Stories

Many companies find prosperity in Central Alberta.