Alberta companies Export! Alberta's international merchandise exports were $15.0 billion in January 2022, an increase of 65.3% from a year earlier
Through 14 free trade agreements, Alberta has preferred market access to 51 foreign countries - including a shared and open border with the United States. These agreements cover a market area of more than 1.5 billion potential consumers and customers.
Alberta businesses and residents across all income ranges pay the lowest overall taxes compared to other provinces in Canada. Alberta's tax advantage is $14.4 billion in 2020-2021 compared to Ontario.
Alberta is diverse and connected. Alberta is a leader in innovation across multiple key sectors giving businesses of any size a diverse foundation for growth. Alberta has extensive air, road, rail and broadband networks connecting our region to the world, as well as access to two seaports.
Alberta workers are YOUNG. Highest proportion of workers under age 45 in Canada (53.3%)
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Creating Value and Amplifying Potential

Access Prosperity exists to support Central Alberta – creating value and enhancing growth for all our stakeholders. Every investor partnership is built around mutual benefit, shared success, and equitable outcomes, and we are united in our purpose to foster realistic and sustainable economic development goals that positively shape and invigorate the communities where we live and work for generations to come. We proudly embrace our role in helping shape the economic ecosystem in Central Alberta and beyond.

We are a one-stop, full-service boutique organization, on a mission to fuel opportunity and ignite economic potential across Alberta and around the world.

Invest in Central Alberta

Site selection, research services, customized tours, business-to-business matching, government access and targeted referrals: we are here to support you when you invest in Central Alberta.

Grow Your Business

Access to new markets, foreign direct investment opportunities, business-to-business matching, access to customized training programs, referrals to supplier and innovation networks and facilitated introductions: we can help you expand your Central Alberta business.


Alberta workers with post-secondary education


FDI inflows into Canada (Q3) 2021


Alberta has Canada's lowest corporate tax rate



Building a business in Central Alberta can also mean making your home here; there are many benefits to doing business and living in Central Alberta.

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