Part of a larger business and economic development ecosystem, central Alberta organizations have teamed up to deliver a four-part virtual series titled Regional Resilience. The collaborative project ran its initial nine sessions under the umbrella of Navigating Resources and Networks focused to meet business’ immediate needs during COVID-19. The biweekly virtual workshops received regionwide interest, attracting an average of 60 registrants per session. Each concentrated on one of the region’s key industries and featured field experts and local businesses providing knowledge and answering questions on the various aid packages and programs available.

Parts 2 through 4 of the series launched by Community Futures Central Alberta, Central Alberta: Access Prosperity, the Central Alberta Regional Innovation Network (CARIN), MNP, and the Central Alberta Economic Partnership CAEP) are planned in the coming months. Future sessions will address business needs as the COVID-19 situation evolves, focusing on adapting to the new situation, implementing changes, and growing to meet the needs of a changed economy. The City of Red Deer’s economic development division has also been an integral part in the initiative bringing a municipal perspective and expertise to the team.

“The Regional Resilience series responded to an urgent need among our industry partners as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. These seminars are the type of initiative that RDC is proud to be a part of. They were delivered in a timely, impactful and community centred way. We look forward to participating in the ongoing economic recovery of the region either in partnership with organizations or by leading in educational opportunities.”  Dr. Peter Nunoda, President, Red Deer College

“Olds College is proud to participate in the Regional Resilience series. The speed that these workshops have come together, the collaboration between CARIN organizations in Central Alberta, and the variety of speakers that participated emphasize the strength of the Central Alberta region. Olds College is looking forward to continuing to participate in the Regional Resilience series and building our economy to be stronger on the other side of this pandemic.”  Stuart Cullum, President, Olds College

“Entrepreneurs, whether they be small business or big industry require resilience to succeed. A key driver of resilience is support and Community Futures is excited to be a partner in the Regional Resilience series to empower entrepreneurs and to provide additional resources as we move through the stages of economic recovery together.”  Kelly Kierluk, General Manager, Community Futures Central Alberta

“Access Prosperity and Central Alberta Economic Partnership (CAEP) are proud to be part of the team which has developed the Regional Resilience series to provide relevant business support and future economic stability through the central Alberta economic development ecosystem. Up-to-date information in the current crisis environment followed by programming will enable companies to emerge and evolve in a post pandemic environment stronger than before.”  Pam Steckler – Managing Director of International Engagement, Access Prosperity & Kimberley Worthington – Executive Director, Central Alberta Economic Partnership (CAEP)

“MNP have lent their knowledge and expertise to review governmental programs and give regional businesses confidence in an uncertain economy. MNP’s assessment of how resources apply to specific industries is on point and helps central Alberta businesses make informed decisions. With offices across the central region, our Canadian firm is proud to support business and economic development in our region, because it truly benefits all central Albertans.”  Doug Stroh, the Regional Managing Partner for MNP Central Alberta.

Thursday, April 30th from 9:45 am until noon is the final session in part 1 of the series and will focus on navigating resources and networks for the healthcare industry. Registration is open to those who work in the industry.

Kimberley Worthington
Executive Director