Central Alberta: Access Prosperity is officially launching its new website, www.accessprosperity.ca, a two-pronged site that helps Central Alberta businesses grow and expand internationally while also attracting foreign companies and investment to the Central Alberta region.

“It’s incredible to have one resource that serves both sides of our work. It’s ultimately a great benefit to the Central Alberta economy,” said Access Prosperity’s Investment Attraction Officer Pam Steckler. “It helps local companies get ready to grow while also attracting foreign businesses and jobs.”

The new website features a home page that invites the visitor to choose their path through the site. A Central Alberta business person who is interested in expanding into international markets selects “Grow Your Business” to learn about exporting or expanding into new markets. Foreign investors or companies interested in the Central Alberta market select “Invest in Central Alberta” to get the information they need.

The site features statistics, information on Central Alberta’s key industries, links to resources, and more. It also explains the process Access Prosperity will guide businesses through when they express an interest in international business or investment in the region.

Central Alberta: Access Prosperity