International Business Development Program

Tap into international opportunities today.

Access Prosperity’s International Business Development (IBD) Program is designed to guide businesses that wish to diversify into international markets.

The broad outcome for the IBD Program is the acceleration of businesses into international markets. Each business receiving support through the program will have a specific plan and progression relative to their unique goals.

Businesses engaged in the IBD Program are expected to encounter the following outcomes:

  • Access to Class A leads (Class A leads are vetted contacts who have already expressed an interest in a specific industry, product or service being offered by a regional business.)
  • Formal understanding of target market regulations and requirements
  • Opportunity identification
  • Collaborative efforts of all participants on a trade mission
  • Access to manufacturing and supplier resources
  • Direct commercial sales
  • Joint venture company alignments and opportunities
  • Opportunity to reassess target market or strategy to deliver products and services internationally
  • Identify supply chain needs and how to adapt technology for maximum market benefit
  • Recognized as Export Ready by Access Prosperity upon completion of the IBD Program.

Program Structure

Readiness Assessment

Businesses are interviewed, assessed and, if applicable, specific milestones and goals are set.

Exploratory Research

Access Prosperity performs research to match business objectives to international markets that best optimize success. Based on exploratory research, a strategy is developed.

International Business Participation

Examples of major activities during this phase include participation in targeted trade shows and missions, inbound and outbound delegations, identification of joint ventures, business support and advice sessions, and networking/strategic sessions.

Assessment & Aftercare

Businesses will be connected strategically to support systems. Some companies may be re-injected into the program to explore a different market, target or goal.