Expansion Statistics

These expansion statistics show how Central Alberta measures up in international business. Become part of a growing global movement!

The spirit in Central Alberta inspires entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level.
  • In 2014, Alberta exported $121.4 billion in commodities to 195 countries, representing an increase of 17.9% from 2013.
  • Central Alberta exports an increasing amount and variety of manufactured products such as petrochemicals, food products, and metals and machinery.
  • Alberta’s manufacturing sector is quickly growing; manufacturing exports have increased by 35% between 2009 and 2014.
  • Alberta is the only western province that offers overnight, or less than 24-hour delivery service to all of western Canada and the U.S. Pacific Northwest – a market of more than 15 million consumers.
  • In 2014 Alberta goods were imported by 195 countries; the top five export markets (in order) were:
    • United States
    • China
    • Japan
    • European Union
    • Mexico

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