Central Alberta FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out about the costs of doing business in Central Alberta?
What is Alberta's minimum wage?
What are Alberta's corporate tax rates?
  • You can find up to date information on Alberta’s corporate tax rates through the Government of Alberta; click here.
Where can I get a regional comparison of corporate tax structures?
  • Visit the Government of Alberta‘s comparison of corporate tax rates across Canada and the U.S. In Central Alberta, at a municipal level, you can cash in on our low property taxes, and there are no business taxes in most Central Alberta communities. Find specific municipal tax information here.
Is there enough demand in Alberta for my services?
  • Check out our Demographics page for information on potential customers. You can also visit Central Alberta Economic Partnership’s (CAEP) website for more Central Alberta economic indicators.
Can you help me get information on shipping restrictions across the Canada / US border?
Where can I find out about announcements on new government incentives, legislation or policies affecting businesses in Central Alberta?
  • Check out our News section, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, where we post news stories about the economy.
What trade shows are you attending this year?
  • We post all the trade shows, workshops and speakers series Central Alberta: Access Prosperity will be hosting and attending on our online events calendar. As well, we post major events of our members and sponsors here so you can see where your peers will be.
What is Central Alberta: Access Prosperity?
  • Central Alberta: Access Prosperity is an economic development organization focused on promoting economic growth in the Central Alberta region. Representing over 40 municipalities along one of Canada’s most prosperous geographical corridors, Central Alberta: Access Prosperity is a comprehensive network and information resource. All this expertise in one place means we are equipped to answer all your questions about doing business or investing in Central Alberta or growing your business internationally. For more information on the Central Alberta region, and our partner organizations, visit our About Us page.
What does Central Alberta: Access Prosperity do?
  • We work with key industry leaders, business experts and government bodies to facilitate growth, expansion and diversification of our region. We are your organization’s link to investment opportunities, key contacts and regional information. We will help you learn about the area, meet the right people and make important business strategy decisions.
Is there a cost for these services?
  • No. There is no cost for Central Alberta: Access Prosperity’s services as we are a not-for-profit organization. For more on our investment services, click here. For information on growing your local business, click here.
What are Central Alberta's key industries?

Our major industries that contribute to a diversified and stable economy in Central Alberta are:

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