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Tips on How to Set Up Your Company for Expansion

Expanding into new markets, domestic or international, can be an exciting and at the same time, a worrisome experience.  While a willing attitude may seem like all you may need, having the experience required and an idea in mind of what’s to come can be the difference...

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Sustainable Farming: How and Why?

Farmers, ranchers, farming equipment manufacturers, and investors have gathered from all over Canada (and the world) to participate in Agri-Trade 2017, an agriculture exposition that boasts 470 exhibitors and approximately 28,000 attendees each year. Having walked the...

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4 Reasons to Diversify Export Markets

Canada’s largest trade partner is, not surprisingly, the United States. However, it is becoming clear to experts that there are rewards to exporting to other countries, especially emerging markets. Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider diversifying...

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Tax Advantages for Albertans and Alberta Businesses

The Government of Alberta published a news release on April 19 regarding the indexing of the personal income tax system and what it will mean for taxpayers. The release included some interesting facts and figures: Of all the provinces, Alberta has the highest basic...

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Canola is King

Alberta Farmer Express recently published an informative article called “Canola’s impact shown throughout the Canadian economy,” and the Access Prosperity team thought it was worthy of sharing with our audience. The article contained some...

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Are you Ready for CETA?

Are you ready for CETA? 4 signs you’re on your way to exporting According to an article by the Canadian Press, only 4% of Canada’s small and medium-sized businesses are exporting. According to the same article, the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Association...

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Lessons for Doing Business in Asia

Lessons for Doing Business in Asia In January 2016, Access Prosperity’s Investment Attraction Officer, Pam Steckler, attended a Government of Alberta Mission to Asia.  Among her goals for the mission was developing a foundation with international partners, and she...

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