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Site selection, research services, customized tours, business-to-business matching, government access and targeted referrals: we are here to support you when you invest in Central Alberta.

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Access to new markets, foreign direct investment opportunities, business-to-business matching, access to customized training programs, referrals to supplier and innovation networks and facilitated introductions: we can help you expand your Central Alberta business.

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Central Alberta: Access Prosperity works with investors and local businesses to facilitate growth, expansion and diversification of the Central Alberta region. We are your business’ link to investment opportunities, key contacts, and regional information. Our team helps foreign investors learn about our region and helps local organizations learn about doing business internationally. We make sure you meet the right people, go the right places, and access prosperity for your business.

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Our diverse economy and industry collaboration are just part of what makes Central Alberta strong and successful.

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Central Alberta is one of Canada’s richest and fastest growing economic regions.

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Building a business in Central Alberta can also mean making your home here; there are many benefits to doing business and living in Central Alberta.

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